Exclusive streetwear for the fearlessly rule breakers

Spring-Summer 2023

--- 'Killer Chic' for women, 'Soft Land' for men

After experiencing a time of repression that limited the ability to live life to the fullest, we began to build new ways of living that celebrate individuality, optimism and celebration. Inspired by the Y2K style, this theme allows young women to dress freely and expressively. The cropped silhouettes and bare skin reinforce the Y2K character. Classic pieces, such as sweatshirts or parachute pants, are updated with voluminous shapes and a sporty attitude.

Killer Chic is inspired by the energetic mix of urban and sporty style. On the male side, the inspiration for this collection is directed towards the young, conscious consumer, with a focus on sustainable living and the reduction of global waste. It seeks to mix a streetwear style with sporty elements, creating a unique and creative aesthetic. It arises from the constant need to explore the unknown, inspired by safari looks.

Pieces with utilitarian characteristics are proposed, combined with accessories such as caps and bucket hats produced in organic and sustainable materials. Comfort is very important in this theme. For this purpose, wide and oversized shapes are used. The natural and earthy tones, such as sand, khaki, cinnamon and chocolate convey tranquility and comfort, recalling the landscapes of the savannah and the desert. Soft touch natural materials are used.

Sustainable coolness

While a brandÔÇÖs coolness, exclusivity and status symbol have long been integral to fashion, streetwear introduces key players: comfortable clothing and community. 11 KNOW is real fashion, style that exudes individuality and attitude. Is edgy and reflects lifestyle. SS23 collectionÔÇÖs inspiration came from trendsetters, individuals within the scene that lead, going against the grain and youth culture as the Y2K style.

The global perspective, in term of design and trends, have given rise to a rich fusion of colour, design style and authentic attitude which has created this unique and distinctive brand – 11KNOW – striking the perfect balance between curated looks and bold artistic direction. Harnessing the repressed energy of the pandemic era, this collection combines the optimism with bold vibes which are expressed through statement pieces in premium quality fabric, high colour, bold print, minimalistic shapes which sit against a backbone of menswear essentials such as tracksuits, sweatshirts and t-shirts. Subtle and soft neutrals are on the rise as transpersonal options, as longevity sustainable values are key.

Quality x Sustainability, supreme comfort and unique aesthetic are the core basis of the brand vision, to create high-quality, exclusive streetwear.

In line with our SS23 key trend, expect utility details to inspire a range of matching sets as the focus in styles that can be flexed across smart and casual end-uses. Satin look options with relaxed details such as pleats and elasticated waistlines are incorporated to create a smart-casual outfit. Top-weights from fitted and skin-revealing styles are on the rise of the collection, driven by the appetite for sensuality, creating an opportunity within trousers, tops and dresses that emerge in both party-led and casual day-to-day styles.

--- 'Urban style that can turn sportive into casual with a simple twist'

Supercool and exclusive streetwear